Industrias DOY is situated in Trubia - Oviedo (Asturias), a zone of great industiral tradition and a major transport junction, just 20 minutes from Oviedo on the A63 motorway and 42 km. from Musel port, Gijón.

The old instalations of cok started to produce special cok for foundry in 1948.

From 70’s to 90’s decade the old cok batteries were renewed as well as the workshops and the coal preparation yards to obtain the best quality foundry cok you can get nowadays. Production capacity stand al 125.000 tonnes per annum.

Cok For Foundry

In the year 1948 the old cok batteries commence to produce special foundry cok, these batteries have been replaced and enlarged over the time until the construction of a forth battery, that was launched in the 90’. At the same time, indoor warehouses and blending preparation places were enlarged with the aim of obtaining and maintaining the best quality foundry cok.

Production capacity stand al 125.000 tonnes per annum

Wide range of possibilities for the product delivery, sea and land transport, containers,….

In Addition, our experience Allows us an optimal management of the supply chain (Supply Chain Management) Which Allows us to act as traders for supplies of large Consignments direct from the supplier to the customer, needed regardless of geographic location of the country clubs of origin of Merchandise and the final destination of the same.

Within our facilities we have any available covered area of ​​13,000 m2, Where We have modern machines for cutting and drilling Which Allows us to transform the iron and steel materials and be reliable to deliver orders in any form or measure, following the specifications expressed by our customers.

Our facilities allow us to have any available wide range and stock of all lanes references (light, heavy, crane ...) and accessories (flanges, baseplates, omelette ....) Which guarantee service at all times and delivery in the shortest time.

We have varied and extensive partnerships with large steelworks and other distributors located in different country clubs. The continuous evolution of the market and the needs of our customers Have led to a continuous evolution in pursuit of excellence of our Processes and operations to be reliable at all times to answer-to the needs of our customers and Demands.

Specialization, internationalization, searching for new products and services are result of These Developments today, and as always, we serve our clients.

All the knowledge and experience Gained over more than 50 years Have led us to export more than 50% of our products outside the Spanish market, natural Being our markets Europe, South America, USA, Canada, North Africa and Eastern country clubs.